Our Adventures

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  Frost Mnt. & the Waterfalls - Jun 2011

Soaking wet; pouring every day, the PhDs slog along various rivers in the Whites...

  Camden Hills State Park - Oct 2010

Heavy cardio exertion, lugging full packs
in to a cabin in the coastal hills of Maine

  The Frozen Northeast Kingdom - Feb 2010

Ice & snow in a drafty hunter's cabin,
death defying hikes on slipperty terrain...

  The Triathalon at Borb's - Sep 2009

A middle aged extreme sporting event at Newfound Lake...

  Yurting Adventure in Maine - Feb 2009

A return to familiar places, and a lot of snowshoeing.

  Fishing on the Quabbin - Sep 2008

A fishing trip yields few fish, but good times were had in central Mass.

  Winter Yurting in Vermont - Feb 2008

PhDs face death by hypothermia in a Mongolian tent.

  Yet Another Retirement Event - Jan 2008

PhDs brave the wild woods of Attleboro; celebrate a member's transition.

  Return to Aziscohos - Sep 2007

A diverse collection of adventures; on route to the Lake that nearly killed us.

  Cycle for Life Bike Ride - Sep 2007

PhDs pedal the pavement on the hottest day of late summer

  The Yurts and Confluences - Feb 2007

Death defying exploration and recreation in a frozen land

  The Welsh-Dickey Loop - Nov 1998

A late autumn hike in the foothills of the Waterville Valley region.

  Kayaking the Pemi - Aug 2005

Paddling on a late summer rainy day on a mostly calm river results in a surprise dunking.

  60 Mile Bike Ride - Aug 2006

A few aging PhDs push to the wall on a circuit around Newfound Lake.

  Zealand Hut Overnight - Oct 2003

Flooded rivers add to the challenge of a wet weather weekend at the Zealand AMC hut

  Presidentials Traverse - Oct 2004

The PhDs are pushed to their limits on the Appalachian's toughest peaks

  A Night on LaFayette - Sep 1999

Two perfect days on the Franconia Range & our first AMC hut overnight at Greenleaf.
No death defying, just a good time

  Family Dog Walk - Nov 2006

Autumn outing with the wives and the canine pets; who has the manliest dog?

  Winter Yurt Adventure - Feb 2006

Three days in the wilds of northern New England, and two nights in a Mongolian tent house make for a unique winter experience.

  Mizpah Spring Hut - Sep 2000

Our 2nd AMC hut experience, a walk on the ridge in the Southern Presidentials.

  Monadnock - 80s & 90s

A collection of short tales from the old favorite hill in southen New Hampshire.

  Mount Cardigan 1991-2

A small mountain in central New Hampshire offers a surprisingly tough challenge to the unprepared Phds. We rebound in the following year, better equipped.